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Your personal guide to your inner source of unlimited possibilities and successes

Awareness is the key to your inner source of unlimited possibilities and realization of the Self, which is the foundation of all transformation. – Michael Dinuri

Who am I ?

My name is Michael Dinuri. I grew up in Sweden, but my grandparents originated from India, a country where yoga, meditation, and alternative medicine have been used since ancient times. At an early age, I became inspired by my wise and spiritual grandmother to acquire the ancient knowledge and wisdom and find the meaning of life. In my teenage years, I learned the art of meditation, which gave me immense mindfulness and clarity and taught me how to handle my daily struggles better. By age 27, I had already studied in London, worked as a model, and reached my lifelong dream of working as a Revenue Manager for a Swedish airline. I was happily engaged and living my dream. My life seemed perfect, and although I should have been happy, I suddenly realized that I wasn’t happy at all.

All my life I had been following the advice of others and strived for goals and dreams that others valued and dreamed of, instead of asking myself what I wanted. After coming to this realization, I started working on bettering myself by becoming a disciple of respected teachers in India and other parts of the world. I studied the ancient scriptures and teachings and all the spiritual knowledge and wisdom other countries had to offer, while also spending time in Ashrams in silent meditation. 


On this journey, I stumbled upon my own inner source of unlimited resources and possibilities, something I knew we all have within us. My new-found wisdom was the beginning of my journey toward my inner happiness, which still continues today. I have always believed that life offers unlimited possibilities, and I am passionate about helping other people change their lives by sharing my powerful and profound knowledge.

Today I’m a certified Life Coach and Relationship Coach living in Stockholm, and I practice my teachings according to the guidelines provided by the International Coach Federations (ICF). To me, life coaching is a powerful tool for helping others find their inner sources of unlimited possibilities and successes, which help them to go from where they are now to where they want to be. I’m also a meditation and yoga teacher with many years of experience as a teacher, lecturer, and consultant in the areas of Personal development, Ayurveda, and Vastu (the Indian version of Feng Shui). Through several international educations, I have acquired a deep and profound knowledge of life coaching and relationship coaching. My vast interest in mysticism and passion for fulfilling everyone’s potential as a human being has turned into countless courses, consultations, and books. I wanted to share my knowledge and help others find their inner source of unlimited possibilities and successes.


“Awareness is the key to your inner source of unlimited possibilities and realization of the Self, which is the foundation of all transformation.”

“The key to mental health and well-being is to achieve a balance between body and soul. It is this balance that leads to the understanding of our inner being — which is a precondition for being able to enjoy every moment of complete happiness and harmony.”

Michael Dinuri

Michel Dinuri

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