The word itself conjures up images of low lighting, lit candles, trickling water, shiny smooth stones, and perhaps chimes or soft music. Sometimes the images are strong enough to actually bring us a brief moment of bliss. A full meditation session could include all or none of the aforementioned items. Meditation is as diverse as our individual lifestyles. For some, it takes an hour-long session to achieve an inner peace and tranquility while others seek only to break a stressful pattern in their day and use short meditation blocks of five to fifteen minutes. While meditation has been around for as long as we can remember, it is still new to many people who have not had the chance to experience the long-term effects of being able to soothe the mind and relax the body.

No matter which meditation style you decide to incorporate into your daily routines, every style offers similar benefits of meditation. From allowing you a minute to regain some control during a stressful situation to working towards lower blood pressure and heart disease factors, meditation allows you to clear your mind and find renewed energy which comes from a more focused mind. The very act of meditation increases the ability to concentrate which translates to better performance in any task you set out to complete. Setting aside daily time for any form of meditation takes dedication and perseverance. It’s easy to find excuses or reasons as to why a person just does not have the time to spend on an activity that calms the entire body. After all, we live in fast-paced societies that do not know how to stop and consider the effects of stress levels. We work, play, and strive for success in an atmosphere of time restraints and deadlines. Meditation frees the mind and allows inner healing from the harsh realities of life that seem destined to make us unhappy, unhealthy, and struggle to keep up with everyone else. Meditation allows you to seek and find the person you were meant to be. Meditation is often the start of a new lifestyle pattern that revolves around taking care of yourself so that you can then take care of the things in your life that need your attention to give you the life you want.

In future posts, I can go into meditation styles and the many health benefits it brings. For now it’s important that everyone begins to understand that meditation is not just a cultural thing. Rather, meditation is a form of self-care that goes beyond just another health routine and actually provides skills that are utilized in everyday living whether dealing with an employment issue or dealing with raising a family. Meditation is a practical skill that anyone of any age can use to improve their entire outlook on life. You may consider meditation a stepping stone on the road to your future; a future that so far you have only begun to dream about and make plans for.