Many people have heard of yoga but know little more than common phrases or techniques. Who hasn’t heard of Downward Facing Dog and made some comment about the funny names that yoga seems to create to explain the postures involved? Few people understand what yoga really is and how it can affect your entire body. From lowering blood pressure to easing insomnia, yoga can be used to regain a natural balance within the body. It doesn’t require a membership or class or hours of practice each day, benefits can be reaped in as little as 15 minutes.

For example, a simple and slow 15-minute routine just before bed allows a person to calm the mind, de-stress from the day, stretch tired, achy muscles, and leads to better sleep. Many sleep disorders benefit from simple stretching routines at the end of the day. Some disorders are caused by stress, others by routines that we do daily without realizing the harmful side effects (like blue light from computers, tablets, or smart phones), and many turn to medications to aid them. Medications only mask the real problem, not solve it. When the cause of sleep loss is tense muscles, too many thought processes, or just general everyday stress, a simple and easy yoga routine could not only replace medication, but it would also improve overall health and brain function.

Yoga works by stretching muscles, increasing blood flow throughout the body, and calms the brain. Yoga can leave you fully relaxed no matter if you’re a beginner or a long-time user. Using gentle basic postures combined with simple breathing techniques, anyone can achieve improved body and brain functioning. It is even possible to develop a routine uniquely designed to fit your individual needs for improvements in specific areas of your life and based on your ability to perform each technique. Some yoga poses are performed standing up, some sitting down, and some on your hands and knees. If you cannot perform a technique due to health issues, there are ways to modify the technique until you obtain better health.

Everyone breathes, so it is natural to include breathing techniques to become aware of how you breathe and how you can increase good breathing habits simply by becoming aware of new techniques.

Yoga can be performed in a variety of locations. Many people prefer to practice outdoors where fresh air and sunlight increase the benefits of any yoga routine. Yoga has a wonderful benefit of making a person aware of not only the movements of their body but also of the environment in which they practice. Every yoga routine can be used to develop better concentration. By using the slow, sustained movements of yoga, a person can calm the brain which not only gives the brain a break from the stresses that are a normal part of everyone’s daily routine, but it also promotes clearer thinking by focusing on an awareness of the body and how the body reacts to each routine.

When yoga becomes a routine and is practiced regularly, the mind is soothed, which leads to relaxation. With today’s ultra-busy lifestyles, yoga can be the break that your mind and body crave.

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