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Life Mastery Coaching: Mastering Seven Areas of Your Life

The path to happiness starts by gaining control of your life.  Seven areas of your life affect every action you take towards your future.  By looking at these seven areas, you can develop a plan to achieve maximum satisfaction in your life and improve your future.

Diagram 7 areas 2

What Is Life Coaching and How Does Coaching Work?

Life coaching is not consulting, mentoring, advice, therapy, or counseling.  Instead coaching addresses specific areas of your life such as personal projects, business goals, general everyday life conditions, and transitions in your personal life, relationships, or career by examining what is happening right now while discovering what is holding you back from achieving what you desire and planning a course of action that will shape your future into a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

Life coaching is a team approach between you and I where we work together to find solutions to the challenges you are facing.  Life coaching is about gaining knowledge that can resolve any challenge you face in your life and allow you to move forward with future planning with a sense of confidence and inner strength.  You know what you want and need in your life, and coaching allows you to draw upon that knowledge and make goals that will move you towards the future that you have always desired.  My role is to help you define the course of action you wish to take and to discover your hidden strengths and talents.  Life coaching helps you learn how to help yourself, so you can be successful in any endeavor you choose while maintaining balance in all areas of your life.

Life coaching works by giving you another view point of how you may achieve your dreams.  Simply knowing where you want to be isn’t enough. Life events often get in the way and may not give you hope for a healthier and happier future.  As your life coach, I can help you not only see the obstacles you face, but I can also help you find a path through your situations so you can focus more completely on achieving your future plans. I can also provide insight into areas that you might not have considered as being a factor in your life.

By working together, we will take a look at where you are now and where you want ultimately want to end up.  By providing training in goal setting and preparing you emotionally and mentally, I can help you develop a roadmap towards success in all areas of your life.  By working with you to resolve current issues that are stopping you from moving forward with your life, I can rely on my own life experiences and knowledge to help you avoid certain pitfalls and obstacles that may present themselves as your life begins to change.  Because this is not a group session, we get to work on issues that you may not want others to know about and we can resolve such issues in a more personal one-on-one approach that will allow you to move forward quicker.  You will find that this approach means you can achieve your dream life much quicker than the average person who is continually spending time trying to recover from each trial life throws at them.  You will be prepared and well-trained in how to address each trial as they arise without being caught up in the usual drama of life circumstances.

Step-by-step planning will allow you to grow and develop at your own pace while providing the support needed to continually move ahead towards your ultimate goal of success.  Whether you define success as money, power, contentment, health, or any other definition, a life coach can help you achieve your dreams while helping you balance all areas of your life so you can reach your full potential.

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