Couples and relationship coaching with Michael Dinuri

Deepen your relationship and be happier together

Light the fire again in your relationship

Grow your relationship and fall in love all over again

Start over after infidelity

Quit fighting and regain the trust and security in your relationship

Find the true meaning of life through your inner compass

Find happiness, inspiration, and the courage to live life your way

Become successful and improve the quality of your life

Find your passion, start working, and make more money doing what you love

Couples and relationship coaching – your personal guide

Light the fire again and be happier together

Any couple or relationship can benefit from a relationship coach.

An experienced relationship coach guides you in handling challenges, moving on from infidelity, restoring trust, communicating better, and can help you evolve, improve, and strengthen your relationship. Because of my many years of experience with saving and improving relationships, I can help you fix your problems by finding a strategy that works for you based on your current situation and your qualities. With me as your personal relationship coach, you’re going to learn how to move on from your current situation by focusing on the future and the goals you want to achieve. My coaching teaches you how to move past the ineffective strategies that don’t work so that you can move forward in your life and find love, security, and happiness again.

Relationship coaching is also an effective tool for people who are single and for those in same-sex or polyamorous relationships.

It’s draining and stressful to be in a relationship that doesn’t work, and sometimes it can feel almost impossible to save and solve the relationship. Because of this very reason, I offer a free 30-minute initial session where you and your partner can tell me about your situation, your issues, and goals, while I tell you about the process and what I think might be best for you. Saving your relationship is entirely possible with the right help!

Couples and relationship coaching help you to:

Increase passion, desire, and pleasure

Communicate affectionately and genuinely, which strengthens your relationship

Deal with conflicts and to meet each other in challenging conversations

Create a safe, close and lasting relationship

Develop and grow the relationship

Deepen your intimacy and to create truly individual freedom

Move on from codependency and compromise to a genuine connection

Strengthen each other's presence and to increase heat and intimacy

Change destructive and unhealthy patterns and habits

What is couples and relationship coaching?

Many people dream of lifelong relationships, but today that’s often something of a rarity. According to studies, half of all marriages end in divorce because the heat and passion often dwindle and it becomes more and more difficult to find the motivation to constantly connect in genuinely. Divorce or separation might happen because of lacking communication, empathy, or curiosity. Sometimes each person’s emotional luggage also affects the relationship negatively. Relationship coaching is for those who are ready to achieve positive changes in their relationships by claiming responsibility and bettering themselves, and for those who value a genuine, meaningful, and passionate relationship.

Relationship coaching is also an effective tool for single people and for those in same-sex or polyamorous relationships. Everyone is welcome to book a relationship coaching session with me.

What's the difference between life coaching and therapy?

Therapy focuses on helping people to process emotional traumas or mental health issues such as depression or anxiety. Life coaching makes it easier to realize your personal goals, improve your mental health, increase happiness, create better relationships, secure your monetary situation, gain more career opportunities, get a more profound knowledge of yourself, and become more motivated. While therapy is preoccupied with examining events from one’s childhood, life coaching focuses on patterns formed in childhood that still affect the present. A personal coach possesses deep and powerful knowledge in both personal development and self-development and can guide you through the process of overcoming misfortunes and challenges. Having a personal life coach as a guide by your side during difficult and pressing situations is often a wise decision if you want to better yourself and live a happier life. 

What's the difference between a life coach and a consultant?

A consultant possesses expert knowledge and gives advice based on experience and expertise. A life coach is a coach who focuses on finding one’s weaknesses, flaws, and fears, and who then guides you to change both your behavior and mindset, so you can successfully take on the future and the challenges life hands you. The goal of the process is to create mindfulness, responsibility, and self-confidence. 

Can relationship coaching solve your problems?

The short answer is yes. If you are both ready to take responsibility and willing to work for your relationship by communicating openly and honestly, listening with empathy, and meeting each other with a positive and curious attitude, anything is possible.

What does the relationship coaching process involve?

The relationship coaching process varies and depends on your needs and what kind of relationship problems you have. My focus as your relationship guide is on examining your present and helping you improve the communication in your relationship, finding more effective ways of dealing with conflicts, rebuilding the trust in your relationship, and help you rediscover the genuine love between you and your partner.

What are the necessary qualities of a good life coach?

Becoming a successful life coach requires time, patience, and fundamental knowledge. An excellent life coach acts as a helping guide, who sees your limitless possibilities and helps you realize your goals. With the help of a life coach, you’ll be able to look at yourself in a new light and to make smart and profitable decisions. Life coaching is a powerful and effective method through which you’ll gain insights into yourself and your life patterns. A good life coach always motivates and encourages you while standing by your side to guide you through the adversities and challenges life gives you.

What does life coaching mean to me?

I find life coaching to be a powerful tool that I can use to guide people to their inner source of unlimited possibilities and successes. Finding your inner resources gives you the possibility to move from your current situation to where you want to be and help you achieve the happiest life possible.

Michel Dinuri

How does online coaching work?

Free call

We first meet during a free and casual 30-minute call, where you tell me a little bit about yourself, your expectations, and what you want to achieve. I’ll give you more information, tell you more about the process and how many conversations we’re going to need, and then we get the process started for real.

Choose a coaching plan

Couples and relationship coaching via phone or video calls

EUR 150 (90 min)

Package price

3 sessions: EUR 420

6 sessions: EUR 810

9 sessions: EUR 1300


Coaching package

Improve intimacy and sex life – light the fire again in your relationship

Start over after infidelity – save your relationship

Find meaning in your life and discover your inner compass

Become successful, make more money and gain a better life quality

Coaching package

Improve your relationship and sex life – Light there fire again in your relationship

There are several reasons why the sex drive in a relationship dwindles. Having kids might make sex difficult, stress, age, or medications can weaken sex drive, relationship problems, or simply having lived many years together might be reasons for lower sex drive. In these instances, life coaching is an amazing tool for reforming your relationship and making both sex and married life fantastic again. Just imagine falling in love with your partner all over again! With me as your personal life coach, it’s fully possible. During one very intensive month, we’re going to work together and I’ll stand by your side until you reach your goal. The two-month-long coaching package consists of 10 coaching sessions (90 min/session) and unlimited mail support. Try a free initial session with me and learn what relationship coaching is all about.

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Everybody enjoys sex in different ways, and men and women usually differ when it comes to intimacy. Some might think that sex only involves penetration and orgasm and nothing else, but it’s so much more than that. Sex is about enjoying and connecting with your partner; it should be an activity that deepens and strengthens your relationship. Between the coaching sessions, you’re going to be assigned homework and you can reach me whenever you need. I also offer a free 30-minute session for those who’d like to learn more about what life coaching is without first making a long commitment.

Coaching package

Start over after infidelity – Save your relationship 

Everyone might define infidelity differently, but often it’s both painful and shocking. Since there are as many definitions of infidelity as there are couples, you have to decide what your definition of infidelity is and where your boundaries are. Boundaries exist in both open and polyamorous relationships. If you feel that your partner has crossed the line, or if you find it difficult to trust your partner nowadays, then life coaching is the right option for you. We’re going to work together and you’ll learn to break unhealthy patterns and regain trust in your relationship. The coaching package stretches over two months and consists of 10 sessions (90 min/session together or 45 min/separate) and unlimited mail support. I offer a free coaching session for those who merely want to become acquainted with what relationship coaching is without making a commitment. Coaching sessions are also available as separate from your partner.

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The process might vary depending on your problem and situation, but generally, it’s essential to heal, understand, and develop together–which takes time. The most difficult part is finding each other again and learning to trust each other again; however, with enough willpower and patience, it’s fully possible. It’s important as well that the betrayed partner feels that his/her partner is prepared to do everything to save the relationship. My goal is to guide and help you improve your relationship and help you move on from your current situation to where you want to be. Between the sessions, you’re going to be assigned homework and you’ll be able to reach me anytime through email. To couples who are looking for relationship advice and guidance, I offer a free 30-minute session so that you can become acquainted with the relationship coaching process.

Coaching package

Find meaning in life and discover your inner compass

Find your happiness, inspiration, and the courage to go your own way in life

Are you discontent and feel like something is missing? Are you not living the life you want to live? Haven’t you found the place in life where you’d like to be? If your answer to any of these questions is positive, then a highly trained life coach such as myself can help you find both meaning and passion in life. During an intensive month, I’ll help you solve your problems. The coaching package consists of 8 coaching sessions (60 min/session) and unlimited support via mail. Try a free 30-minute session with me to become acquainted with what life coaching is.

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During our intensive month together, my guidance will help you find your true passion, call, profession, and goal in life. As your personal life coach, I’m going to guide you to the path of inner happiness and well-being. Through finding your inner compass, you will become the best version of yourself so that you can lead an enriched and happy life. Between the sessions, you’re going to get assignments and unlimited mail support. Book a free session to see whether life coaching is right for you!

Coaching package 

Become successful, make money doing what you love and improve the quality of your life

Success is a product of following your passion and doing what you love. I can help you find your passion and a job that you’ll love, which in turn will lead you to happiness and more money. Perhaps you’d like to change your profession, start your own company, or perhaps you’re already an entrepreneur who’s dissatisfied and would like to improve your life to find both better life quality and happiness. During an intensive two-month period I’m going to help you to find your way in life. The coaching package consists of 12 coaching sessions (60 min/session) and unlimited mail support. Book a free 30-minute session to become acquainted with what life coaching is.

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Passion is the key to everything! During two fantastic and inspiring months, I’ll guide you and help you find your inner passion and potential so that you can become successful and the best possible version of yourself. My goal is to create a clear vision, business idea, or strategy that realizes every one of your dreams. The coaching package consists of 12 sessions, homework assignments, and unlimited mail support. I’m available for you wherever you are, whenever you need me. Try your first 30-minute coaching session with me to find out what life coaching is.

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